Monday, 2 November 2009

spelling errors

there are many many spelling errors in the directories, I leave them in and put the correct spelling or what I think the word may be in brackets, especially in the 1908, if you check out a few pages it will give you an idea of how you should try many spelling variations while searching for your relative, online or anywhere.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

John Jno.

If you are searching for a John in the street directories, try also searching for Jno. I have found this spelling hundreds of times and then found it in later directories as John


Tuesday, 18 August 2009


My site has been down since 10pm ish Tuesday 18th August, it was in danger of being hacked, it will be up and running again as soon as possible, Thank you for your patience.


Friday, 14 August 2009


I was losing too many emails with Hotmail and too many mail boxes 'junked' Hotmail so hopefully this will be far better


Thursday, 16 April 2009



the easiest thing to do is go to the above link and search, entering the email title, they are 99.9% false........

I have received 17 warning emails today about this guy Simon wotshisname and apart from the fact it is time consuming replying to people to tell them these are scam mails, it also is a good way for spammers to get several email addresses in one go, when you send these scams out to everyone in your mail box, you also include private email addresses which are like ex-directory phone numbers, I have a private email I don't want anyone to use except family, if someone in my family does a mass email forwarding one of these scams, my email is no longer private, I'm sure some mathematic mind can work out the sums but I just know it is wrong and all you have to do in any situation where you are not sure if something is right or wrong..........GOOGLE IT

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


if you send me an email or make an entry in the guestbook, please add my email to your safe list or make sure you check your junk mail folder, mostly I get a reply back re any emails I answer but occasionally I will send a long lookup and never hear anything again, I can only assume my email was lost due to junk folders, a few recent emails took quite a while to complete, its soul destroying to think they were lost in the 'email washing machine'


Tuesday, 24 March 2009

nearly Alphabetical

In the lists of names in the directories (the earlier are worse than the later ones) the term alphabetical isn't exact, I would always use your browsers' search or find facility to make sure you get all the possibles.

I have tried to fix any anomalies as I go along but I'm sure I don't always get them all, for instance while typing Moores and there are plenty I found a Morris stuck in amongst them, if that is your Morris you could easily miss them, always search the page using Edit and (Find on this page)

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Spell it this way

As I've been transcribing these directories I've noticed many errors in spellings but also many different ways of spelling, here is a list of things so far I have noticed, it may help you while searching...

Shankill - Shankhill - Shank Hill
Robert - Robt. - Rbt.
William - Wm.
Nathl. - Nathanial - Nathnl.
com. - commercial
trav. - traveller
Albertbridge - Albert Bridge
Francis - Frs. - Fras.
Charles - Chas.
Thomas - Thos.
Stranmillis - Strandmillis
Richard - Richd.
Andersonstown - Andersontown
M'Tier - McTier
Divis - Devis
Carnarvon - Caernarvon
Frederick - Fredk.
upholsterer - upholstress
Archibald - Archd.
Bagot - Baggot
wagon - waggon
labourer - laborer
honour - honor
Courtrai - Courtria
enamelled - enameled
Donegall Street - County Donegal
Sydney Street - Sidney Street
Mc - M'
Michael - Michl.
Peveril - Peverill
Wellwynne - Welwynne
Churchill - Churchhill
riveter - rivetter
Milford - Millford
Ardilea - Ardalea
Henry - Hry.
Stilges - Stilgess

Coraneary - Coraveary - Coroveary
Drumhaldry - Drumballry
Drumyouth - Dromyouth
Errigal - Errigle
Kerrsland - Keersland
Knodsmanowl - Knockmanow
Rossfad - Rosfad
Megahey - Megabey
Rolleston - Rollestone
Tullycleagh - Tullyclay
Roarke - Rorke
McKinnon - MacKinnon
Magherintemple - Mogerintemple
Hynford - Hyndford

Rosebery - Roseberry
Woodcot - Woodcote
Druckendult - Druchendult
Tanaghlane - Tonaghlone
Tiernaleague - Tiernaleage
Drumglea - Drumaglea